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silk club

co-founder + executive director


Silk Club is an organization for Austin-based Asian women/non-binary folks/femmes+ to collaborate on projects that celebrate our experience. It is a space committed to validating and empowering intersectional identities, building creative opportunities, and fostering connections between different Asian communities. Since its inception in January 2018, Silk Club has hosted and participated in a number of community events and programs. Our main project is the QUIET! zine, a bi-annual publication that features photography, writing, art, design, and other creative works about the Asian experience.

As executive director, I was involved in varying degrees in every step of its development, from funding to editing to event planning, but I primarily managed operations and coordinated committee tasks. I oversaw the development of branding materials, marketing efforts, and zine content and layout while ensuring we met logistical demands and efficiently created work suited to our goals and time restraints. I also led the production of each issue's zine release celebration, which drew hundreds of guests and featured a variety of local Asian creatives, entrepreneurs, and performers.


Feminist Action Project Header.png

feminist action project


Feminist Action Project is a student organization under the University of Texas at Austin's Gender and Sexuality Center that hosts events and programs promoting gender justice. I spearheaded the production of several of the group's annual publications and conferences from 2016 to 2018. In October 2018, I was invited to speak on a panel with Clementine Ford, an Australian writer and public speaker, for the launch of her second book, Fight Like a Girl, alongside two other invited speakers from Future Front Texas (formerly Boss Babes ATX). Additionally, I co-facilitated a weekly discussion group that organized events such as film screenings, workshops and presentations, and guest speaker sessions.


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