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Leaked photo of 'mass trial' show effects of Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy

A photograph leaked last week captured the jarring image of 37 defendants, shackled and clothed in orange prison jumpsuits, lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, awaiting their fate as part of a mass trial” in a Pecos, Texas, courtroom. Although the image may seem startling to many, it’s a common scene in the U.S.’s crackdown on illegal immigration.


Doctor who sued Trump accused of sexual assault by apparent ex-girlfriend on Twitter

Editor’s note: This story contains depictions of sexual assault.

Eugene Gu, the doctor famous for successfully suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who says she’s his ex.


Video shows police detaining 4 unarmed Black teens after false 911 call

Minneapolis Park Police detained four unarmed Black teenagers on Tuesday after a 911 caller accused them of carrying weapons and assaulting her boyfriend, BuzzFeed News reports.

A depressing new trend is gifting paid time off to co-workers for their maternity leave

Good Morning America article sent shock waves through Twitter yesterday after it revealed that a hot, new trend is donating personal vacation time to pregnant coworkers for their otherwise barely-existent maternity leave.

Senators gain victory with letter challenging FCC broadband map

An embattled government program to help rural Americans connect to broadband service has just gained new life.

What does it mean to be 'thicc'?

If you’re extremely online, you’ve probably encountered the term “thicc,” or seen someone post a thicc meme or two. It’s internet speak for curvy—and people are using it as a positive modifier. Thicc appeared in several popular memes over the last year, including Thicc Mark ZuckerbergThicc Elastigirl, and Thicc Kylo Ren. Celebrities who were photographed looking especially buff, like James McAvoy and Kanye West, also got the “thicc” treatment. But how did “thicc” originate on the internet, and why do people love to use the word? Here’s the thicc backstory.


What does it mean to be a 'skinny legend'?

Reserved for only the most iconic and flawless pop culture idols, the term “skinny legend” is one of the hottest crazes to hit social media. The phrase has been especially trendy on Twitter, where it is used by “stans” to affectionately describe their favorite celebrities. Forget telling your favorite stars to “delete it, fat.” A new, thinner sheriff is in town.



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