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Five Unexpected Fashion Trends to Try This Spring


Forget flash tattoos and hoop earrings. ORANGE has compiled five trends for a cooler style upgrade.


Story by Kristina Nguyen
ORANGE Magazine



Stay warm while showing some skin by pulling down those zippers. Off-the-shoulder jackets were the star of the show in Balenciaga’s fall 2016 collection, but many are moving this trend off the runway and onto the streets. Thrift-store fashionistas can take advantage of this easily replicable item by modifying the clothes they already own. If you’re looking for something new, fast fashion brands like Forever 21 have created specially constructed off-the-shoulder jackets for those wanting to add an affordable new look to their closet. 

Photo courtesy of The Sun


Makeup gurus all over have been plucking and tweezing their eyebrows for years, experimenting with different shapes and sizes. Now, many are saying “no” to natural and tinting them with crazy colors instead. Although this trend has been around for a while, some have taken it to new lengths by incorporating glitter and ombre patterns. Though it can be difficult to get your hands on colored eyebrow pencils, pigmented eyeshadows and lip liners will do the trick.

Photo courtesy of Livingly

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Calling all ‘90s kids—tinted sunglasses are back in. Rihanna established the trend’s official comeback with her Dior collaboration, popularizing this contemporary cyberpunk style. Put on a pair of these babies and remember the days when Mary Kate and Ashley were years away from a fashion empire and Justin Timberlake thought ramen-noodle curls were a good look.

Photo courtesy of Women's Wear Daily


Seen on the likes of celebrities, drag queens and Instagram influencers alike, this fashion risk has found popularity among those looking to find new uses for old clothes. The BDSM-inspired item is an updated twist on the bandana top trend that took over YouTube in the early 2010s. Although this look may be unconventional, those willing to take the risk can turn the too-big belts buried in their closet into an edgy ensemble.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio



From feathers to ribbons, we’ve been trying to find new things to put in our hair for years. When Janelle Monae donned safety pins, gold wire and googly eyes for three red carpet events, fashionistas everywhere frantically dug through their drawers to replicate the trend. Turn your hair into a starry night with some sparkly pins or assemble shiny pearls for a dreamy, mermaid look. Instead of going to your regular Sally Beauty, head to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to see what you can find.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29


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